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World FM Day 2017 – enabling positive experiences

    World FM Day – enabling positive experiences
17th May 2017

World FM Day – enabling positive experiences

We celebrated the British Institute of Facilities Management’s (BIFM) ‘World FM Day’, which this year focuses on ‘enabling positive experiences’. Facilities management (FM) can influence the way we manage different environments – therefore enhancing the customer experience should be a key driver for any business.

Our offer

We operate across a range of workplaces and environments, such as central government departments, local hospitals, retail centres and transport hubs. At Interserve, we deliver over 500 service lines alone, from security to maintenance and catering and everything else in between. Essentially our job is to manage, maintain and improve our customers’ properties and assets.

Understanding our customers

Creating a positive experience may require FM companies to differentiate themselves in the industry. The core to any FM business is its people and that is why customer experience plays an integral role in any business; helping its customers improve the experience of their greatest assets (colleagues and customers).

At Interserve, we’ve developed a customer experience journey mapping tool, which enables us to see through our customers’ eyes (and through the eyes of the end-user too). This allows us to capture the interactions (touch-points) throughout the various stages of the customer journey and identify improvement opportunities. We have already rolled out the customer experience journey mapping tool across a number of sectors including the professional services and property industries.

Workplace standards

By conducting extensive customer research, and incorporating the customer journey mapping data we collect, we have also established workplace standards across our sectors. The workplace standards are a set of guidelines which identify what is important for the customer. They are written from a customer’s viewpoint, detailing the customers’ needs across the end to end journey.

In addition to managing and maintaining, focusing on the customer experience helps us better connect people with our customers’ buildings and brand.

Our people, our customers’ people and the strong relationships between both can define whether we succeed or fail. Our strength lies in understanding customer requirements. In finding ways to make places work better, in doing things once and well, and more with less.

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