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Enhancing the passenger experience.

Interserve has been transforming the passenger experience across the transport sector for over 30 years. We are delivering innovative and sustainable outcomes across Europe and the globe for our rail and airline customers: including British Airways, London Underground, Docklands Light Railway, Network Rail, EasyJet, AirBerlin, AirEuropa, AENA, Acciona Airports and Eurostar.

We deliver everything from total facilities management to single service cleaning, security, maintenance, asset management, and refurbishment and fit-outs, as well as specialist tasks like ticket collection, passenger management and passenger restricted moves, aircraft maintenance, advertising installation, track clearing and vegetation management.

The transport and regulated industries are some of the most challenging environments for people to work in: with high public footfall, 24/7 time-critical operations and dangerous conditions, it is critical that your service partner not only understands this but has experience of it.

Through rigorous risk assessments and prevention, together with employee training, we achieve the highest standard of quality and safety in all that we do. We are accredited to OHSAS 18001 in more than 10 countries. This approach has corrected over 30,000 unsafe actions. And we work with internal security and law enforcement teams to further support the improvement of security and safety across transport networks.

The public depends on trains and planes to take them where they need to go, safely and effectively. They expect an environment that is well maintained, clean and secure, and throughout they expect a high level of customer service. At Interserve, we understand this. This is why we have uncompromising standards, a dedicated focus on the passenger journey and a constant commitment to safety.


  • Advertising installation and removal

  • Building maintenance

  • Cash collection

  • Cleaning

    - Station and terminal cleaning
    - Train cleaning
    - Window cleaning
    - High level cleaning
    - Deep cleans
    - Office cleaning

  • Facilities management

  • Passenger assistance

  • Pest control

  • Security

  • Vegetation management

  • Waste management

  • Winterisation


Learning from abroad

Interserve is learning from Spain's newest transport trends.

Transforming the passenger experience across Europe

Find out more about how we are enhancing the journey for passengers across Europe, and the globe.


  • Supported 75% of the Spanish high speed train market
  • Survey 2,200 stations and 1,000 line-side buildings
  • 32,000 serviced aircraft cleaned and maintained
  • 125,000 tickets checked a week
  • Cleaning 2,490 tube-carriages every night
  • Print and post 1 million adverts in transport hubs each year
  • 3 billion passengers pass through transport environments we support



Find out about our tailored solutions within the Highways sector.


Waste management

At Interserve, we provide cost-effective, efficient and convenient waste management services that reduce your carbon footprint and increase environmental performance


In a climate of new regulations, cost-efficiencies and challenging economic conditions, clients are looking beyond simply a guard-focused security service.


To ensure your building or estate gets a superior clean, the first thing we do is apply some simple science to it.

Facilities management

Interserve has been providing facilities management services to UK industries for over 20 years.

The growing importance of sustainability as a project management objective
The Growing-Importance of Sustainability as a Project Management Objective

Savvy clients are using sustainability as an enabler to help achieve cost reduction, time optimisation and quality improvement.